Why sales teams should be trained to present other departments positively… always!

We regularly hear sales staff in various different businesses refer to their production departments, processes, IT or other personnel in a negative way in front of customers. Negative comments are usually quite unintentionally and often subtle. When you see such comments written, it is clear that they will signal negativity to the customer.

sales team training

“That will be fine as long as we don’t have other orders come in at the same time”
“I am sorry – we don’t have the staff to manage all the orders at the moment”
“Our systems are so slow”


The gripes maybe true, but how your people, processes and departments are represented can truly affect the way existing and potential customers view your business. Negative comments could immediately turn the customer off your business and instantly make them look elsewhere.

Sales team training

Turn these negatives in to positives with sales team training, for example:

“We have recruited additional staff to cover the huge response to a campaign”
“Your order will take priority at the front of the queue, as a repeat customer”

Not only does the customer feel special, but it assures them that you have recognised an issue, and rectified the situation.

From a sales psychology aspect, criticism of company staff is always wrong. No sales person can desert his own company’s boat and leave it to its fate. I have helped change attitudes with numerous sales teams, and have witnessed unprecedented effects on sales generated and won.

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