Sales tip #3 – Sales team incentives

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” may be a true statement, as someone will always need to foot the bill;

Sales Incentives for Increased Revenue

Reward and give your sales team incentives i.e. the top sales person for the month gets a free lunch, or even better, if the team increases sales by 25% during a selected period, they all get a free lunch. The small gesture of something ‘free’ will work wonders for the motivation, and working for a group incentive has a positive effect on team morale and total sales for that division.For your sales team, however, a free lunch might be all they need to be motivated and gain momentum to improve their sales and work harder for the incentive. Research has demonstrated that just a small token of appreciation from employers for their sales team can have an exponential effect on sales and conversions.

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