Sales tip #2 – How to present a successful sales pitch

There are many techniques to presenting a truly successful sales pitch; it really does depend on your way of presenting and how well you know the customer. However, if you are giving a pitch to a group of people, there is one invaluable sales pitch technique that has demonstrated proven results.

sales pitch success for business marketing

Engage your audience

This may sound like a simple solution, but it is actually harder than it sounds! Arrive early for the sales pitch, and try to meet some of the people that you will be pitching to beforehand (this may not always be possible, but you can even do this while you are setting up your computer etc.). Engage in conversation with a few people, and try to establish some common ground, ask them what they would like to see addressed in the pitch, what their concerns are, or even whether they watched the football / rugby / tennis last night. Engage in some form of conversation, and then refer to it in the pitch.

Open your presentation with the subject of what they said, and demonstrate you have listened and learnt something about those people. This will not only make them feel special, but will go a long way in influencing the others that you are engaged and interested in their business and people.

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