Making exhibitions more efficient for your sales efforts

Exhibitions are always pretty busy, but they are also where lots of business is carried out. As a sales person, whether your company has a stand or not, there are some key tasks that you need to do to ensure the exhibition is as valuable as possible:

Busy Exhibition

  • Once you have made these observations for all your competitors, report back to your line manager / director about any suggested changes for future shows, and speak to the marketing department about what competitors are doing.Identify which competing companies have a stand and what are they offering
  • Discover any new product / service launches from the competitors
  • List all your competitors from the exhibition plan
  • Visit the competitor stands
  • Ask for any literature they are giving out
  • Engage with the competitors sales person – don’t be afraid to let them know you are there
  • Identify any features on their stand that are missing from yours, and what they are presenting as their USP (unique selling point)
  • Identify any sensitive areas that your company are missing
  • Make a second visit to the stand – this way you will let any special features sink in.

Your research is only as valuable as your report back into the business, and exhibitions can be a vital piece of the sales puzzle to keep competitors guessing and maintaining the ‘one step ahead’ approach.

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