Let your social media do the work for you…

Social media use for business development is growing. Not long ago, social media didn’t need to play a part in businesses marketing strategies, however, today it is a very important factor, and the Business Development Consultancy can help take the stress out of it for you.

Like you, our clients at BDC want to win and maintain business relationships, and to do this your customers must like your business. The same is true in the world of social media.

Develop valuable customer relationships

In both the real and digita

Make social media work for your business

l worlds, this involves ‘liking’ and ‘listening’. People won’t like your business just because you say “Come and like me on Facebook” or because you post a photo of your office. You have to engage people and make them compelled to share and like your posts. Think of it like real life; you need to make conversation.

When companies and organisations utilise social media effectively, the results can be phenomenal. You engage with customers, speak to potential new ones, use different creative methods to pull in interest and can control your image online at relatively low cost.

How to win more business through social media

You have to create trust first. People buy from those they trust, and it takes time to build this trust. So the first rule is – engage first, sell second.

Let your customers do the work for you

Think about Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. They don’t post status updates. They simply don’t need to. Their customers do the “dirty work” by having the conversations while they sit back and listen to what their users want. Remember that social media is not a marketing exercise. You have to listen to make it a successful part of your business.

Remember to sell

Your goal is not social media and it’s not SEO. Your goal is finding a perfect balance between sharing your business, your products, and sharing conversation with other people. Being social is just a step to winning more business.

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