Lead generation from your website – what are the keys to success?

Every website has different objectives and goals for organisations, however, for most businesses, generating leads is usually high on a list of priorities.

Some key points when considering how valuable your website is to your business would be: 

  • What is the company objective for your website?
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    Website marketing and strategy
  • Does your website clearly tell users what your business provides?
  • How easy is it for users to make an enquiry – do they have to search for a contact box, or is it clearly visible on every page?
  • Are your sales messages clear and succinct across all pages of your website?
  • How often do you refresh the content of your website and is there a blog / news section?
  • How closely is your website linked with your social media efforts?
  • Does your website work on mobile devices?


All of these questions should present a clear defined set of goals to improve the number of leads generated from your website and online presence.


BDC offer a digital marketing planning service, allowing our team to look at how successful your website is for your business. For more information, contact one of our digital sales advisors for more information.