How learning and development companies can benefit in a growing market.

As we start to move further away from recession, it is reported that many company employees across the UK are seeking new opportunities as the job market becomes more stable. In most cases, their current employer has no idea.

Learning and development companies can exploit this market by offering in-company training and development opportunities to help businesses positively engage with their staff and encourage loyalty. Essentially, businesses usually want to keep good staff.

The need for learning and development

A stabilising economy has resulted in many companies needing to increase their investment in staff training and development to ensure retention and progression of good quality members of the team. The good members of staff are the ones that companies would like to keep yet they are also the most likely to be headhunted. To help prevent high staff turnover in the coming years, learning and development budgets are already reported to be increasing.

How do learning and development companies exploit this market?

  • Adopting a structured approach to sales and marketing across the learning and development organisation
  • Sales and marketing planning – BDC has helped many learning and development companies increase revenue by setting plans to help the sales and marketing teams pull together and focus the sales effort for the same goals.
  • Lead generation – identifying challenges within the organisation to help drive leads and win new business

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