Unravelling the Sales Puzzle

BDC-Unravelling the Sales Puzzle To many business owners the concept of achieving long term and consistent sales growth is like trying to un-ravel a puzzle.  Until you know the formula you will be forever going round and round.Much time and millions of … Read More


Better leads for business

Get better leads for your business

One of the biggest issues companies coming to BDC have is finding new leads to generate more business. After all, a steady stream of quality leads is what any business needs to grow and succeed. Business Development Consultancy can help … Read More


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Sales Incentives for Increased Revenue
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Listen to your customers

Sales tip #1: Listen to your customers

Two of the key techniques when developing and maintaining valuable customer relationships, are ‘liking’ and ‘listening’. To ‘like’ someone can be demonstrated through similarities, praise and also cooperation. To really show that you are listening to someone, you can create … Read More


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