Business Development Academy

Intelligent Selling for your Sales Team

At BDC, our team ensure you convert more opportunities to sales through our Business Development Training Academy.

By working with your sales force, we train to sell your business message and ensure your sales team is aware of business and sales objectives across the organisation.

By unifying the sales message, sales become more effective and impact the business growth.

Sales training programmes

Our training programmes are designed to increase your team’s ability to sell themselves and your organisation, allowing you to:

  • Ensure your sales team support in identifying potential business development opportunities
  • Engage and motivate employees – sharing business plans and sales objectives
  • Retain valuable employees through professional development schemes
  • Communicate a consistent message through coaching your staff

BDC business development training courses

  • Sales management training and workshops
  • Leadership coaching
  • Consultative sales training and workshops
  • Customer service training
  • Telemarketing approaches
  • Cross organisational communication programmes

Enhance your sales potential today through sales training support – contact BDC now.